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Who We Are

We are two wedding planners who are incredibly passionate about all things romantic and beautiful. After planning hundreds of weddings, we know that the tiniest details make the biggest impact—both on your heart and your eyes. From intricate bead work to a flowy tulle skirt, we appreciate the details that make your dress just what you envisioned.


At Grace + White Bridal our vision is to make your bridal dream a reality. By tailoring each appointment to every bride, we curate an experience that is unmatched to make lasting memories. We know how important that moment is when you find your perfect dress. We want to be there to cry tears of joy with you, laugh with you, and most importantly, celebrate you.

Our Bride

Our bride is down to earth, beautiful from the inside out, and has a heart of gold. She appreciates the little details in everything and most notably loves who she is. She’s a bride full of grace and darling in white.

Our Style

romantic • elegant • simplistic • feminine • detailed

Our Location

Our Midtown Sacramento location is situated in the heart of the northern California valley. With Sacramento’s growing love for art & food, it is quickly becoming an iconic location to visit and experience. Surrounded by the beautiful sierra mountains and lush Napa vineyards, Sacramento is centrally located for stunning weddings and brides alike.